Meet the Team

SOVA principals and co-founders each have more than 20 years of experience with all things appraisal and valuation related throughout Western Washington. We have experience in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, as well as a wide variety of specialty property types. We are regional experts in valuations for public projects, including partial acquisitions, easement analysis, damages and special benefits, and appraisal concepts and regulations governing such projects.

While accurate research, application of appraisal analytics, and defensible conclusions is our focus as appraisers, we are also skilled consultants ready and able to join any project team requiring real estate valuation expertise. We routinely work on project teams with right-of-way professionals, engineering firms, attorneys, planners, financial analysis, and a wide variety of other specialty consultants for a team-approach solution to our client’s real estate needs.

Gregory Goodman, MAI

Appraiser and co-founder

Matthew Sloan, MAI, SRA

Appraiser and co-founder